App Store Management

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This is $1.00 (USD) per month. Please add to the cart in multiples of 12. We bill annually.

The "App Store Management" subscription needs to be combined with the "Orbit MDM" and "Drawbridge Filtering" subscriptions. This is what we call the "Orbit Three" subscription for a combined total of $8/mth ($96/yr) USD.

On a VISION Phone, the Google Play Store is replaced with the Vision Market - a Compass-managed Android app store.
On an iPhone or iPad, the Apple App Store is replaced with the Jamf Self Service / Cloudberry app store - a Compass-managed iOS app store.

If you are wanting to use the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store on your phone then you would not select this "App Store Management" subscription. The Orbit Two subscription is what you would select when you want to use the Google or Apple app stores on your device. Orbit Two uses the "Orbit MDM" and "Drawbridge Filtering" subscriptions for a combined total of $7/mth ($84/yr) USD.

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