You want to protect your users from harmful content.

Here's what DrawBridge content filtering can do for you:



Context-aware web page analysis instantly evaluates every page as it is loaded.

Traffic Visibility

Complete traffic visibility: TLS decryption-by-default

Built-in Categories

Over 150 built-in website classification categories included.

Easy Web Config

Powerful interface enables flexible policy configuration, from network-wide down to individual devices.

Custom Reports

Detailed, configurable reports, including time-of-day usage, category access, search queries, and video titles.

YouTube Control

Enforce restricted mode, remove comments and suggested videos, and perform per-video analysis.

AutoFix Override

 AutoFix functionality enables instant website re-evaluation and temporary access to blocked pages.

In-page Pruning

Support for custom in-page content pruning. to remove adds or other unwanted content.

      Proxy       Modes

Traditional proxy and transparent proxy operation modes to fit your network.

   Daily    Updates

Software subscription includes daily content analysis updates & improvements.  



Enhance Productivity

Block distractions and eliminate advertisements.

Protect Users

Dynamically remove inappropriate or harmful content.

Unmatched Performance

Skip the extra hops! On-premises hardware eliminates network latency introduced by rerouting "to the cloud"

Maximize Potential

No limiting cloud filter bandwidth or shared resource concerns.

Local Control

Network up-time is not dependent on hardware out of your reach.

Who Will Benefit from Using DrawBridge?


Helping Businesses Provide Safe and Productive Working Environments for Their Employees.

Not only can businesses safeguard their employees from immoral websites, but they can increase productivity by blocking categories like Social Media, News, Sports, and other non-business related content.


Ensure CIPA compliance.

Keep students (and staff!) focused by blocking distractions during school hours with time based policies.


Guard your network,
Protect your people.

Contact us to discuss how DrawBridge can work for you.

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